Spartans Bty is a back cross using a Spartan kush(BTYog x Wizards Potion)  f1 selected male back to the original BTY OG mother. Expect lots of cherry and a sweet profile through a lot of the phenos  but with a classic OG body and high. Training recommended and pheno tend to lean to the OG side in structure and stretch for the light source. Yeilds are high with dense nugs through your the selection. This cross has a beautiful fall fade with a pink finish in certain phenos was 


The current version of Spartan kush is a IBL line of a selected F1 mother and father of the original Spartan  cross this cross tend to lean towards the gas and OG profiles that come from the genetics on both side of the original cross. You will find only hints on cherry and sweetness. Surprisingly the F2 version has Moderated to very little stretch producing classic looking kush colas with great yeild and terps profiles perfect for growers with limited height and a very high producer in any Grow system. This crosshas a wonderful purple fade on the finish perfect for those social media shots

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